modern / offbeat

Die ersten Schritte auf eigenen Füßen, in einer fremden Stadt, mit Mitbewohner*innen oder alleine – wir benötigen smarte Lösungen, die Platz sparen, ins Budget passen und beim Nutzen auch noch Spaß machen.


hannah (21) / product design student

co-working space enthusiast

coworking is great to meet with clients for students. no matter where you at coworking spaces are everywhere. here are my tips for coworking.

go to the events
mostly there will be free drinks
and food and you have a great chance to network.

there should be good coffee
because you spend a lot of time there.

set a routine, even though you do not need to have one
even if you work freelance, find a schedule that works for you.

know your community managers
best way to connect with other coworkers, building a quality relationship with them.


  • Mikro-Apartments für
    Student*innen, Singles
    oder Pendler*innen
  • Multi-Use-Furniture
  • Minimalism – Less is more
  • Community-/ Co-Work-Spaces


davide (24) / professional dancer
minimalism – less is more

i’m a classical dancer, but when it comes to music, i love everything that goes forward. here is a playlist of my current favorite dance songs. have fun!

peggy gou — han jan
daniel haaksman — akabongi
whitney houston — how will i know
anitta, mc zaac & maejor — vai malandra
aero manyelo — tshunga
mhd — afro trap pt. 10
the carters — black effect
débruit — nigeria what?
jowaa — asokpor
thornato — deux a deux


millie (23)
influencer / photographer
leica m10 (typ 240)

the perfect photo for me is when i press the trigger, not later on the computer. i shoot digitally to be able to post a photo on instagram from the desert without any problems. my own presets help me for a quick post production.

here is your chance to download my presets for photoshop.

Let us know

Wenn wir bei der Planung der Kindertagesstätte, bei der Einrichtung der Seniorenresidenz oder bei der Realisierung von Bürokonzepten helfen können, einfach hallo sagen und auf einen Kaffee oder Tee unseren Show-Room in Bremen ansehen.